Boise State vs Florida State Live


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Florida State vs Boise State: The Florida State will try to get their 2019 season started off on a winning note when they play host to the Boise State opening weekend. Kickoff is set for Saturday, August 31, 2019, its a big College Football Game.

Florida State football since early January, but it seems so much longer. In fact, a lot has changed since then. And we get to see it all unfold for the first time Saturday against Boise State. In advance of Saturday’s football game between Florida State and Boise State, here’s a look at the two state universities by the numbers.

Boise State vs Florida State Football Game How To Watch

The game is a matchup between traditional football power Florida State and Boise State, which fielded its first football team in 2001. Which school has higher tuition and graduation rates? How about the number of faculty or total students? The game will be the best meeting between the two schools.

College football season starts in earnest on Saturday for plenty of schools, chief among them Florida State. The Florida State are entering their first season  But, this absolutely incredible hype that they released ahead of their home-opener against Boise State raises the bar even higher.

It’s a fresh start for the Boise State. After years of success, they are ready for their first full season under Day, who brings a fresh perspective to the program as it looks to climb back to the top of the rankings. The Boise State are hitting reset button, and this is enough to get anyone excited about the journey they’re about to start.

The Florida State football will make history in its season opener against Boise State. But it will mark the first time the Florida State and Boise State have faced off on the football field. Both are now in a completely different discipline of football, and the stakes in their meeting tonight aren’t high in the slightest. But they’re trading scores once again all the same.

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